Some of my applications uploaded to the app store requires an application usage privacy policy which is stated below to meet the requirements.

Use of your information
My applications store user information and preferences locally safe on your device and only the ones that are absolutely necessary for the main functions of the application to work nothing more, nothing less. The applications will never ever share your information with third parties to protect your privacy.

For example when the Weather forecast feature uses your device’s GPS location and Data connection to download the latest Weather information from a reliable source using your GPS location and then stores the Weather forecast for your location safely and locally on your device only that nobody can access but the application it self to prevent information from leaking out to third parties and there by preventing the give away of your last known device's location.

Collection of your information
You can choose what privacy features are enabled and disable in all my applications for example if you don’t want to use the Weather forecast feature in a certain application you will have the option to turn it off completely so the application won’t access your GPS location and Data connection to download the latest weather updates without disabling the functionality of the rest of the application used.

Control and Access of your personal information
Since only the used application in particular can access your stored user information and preferences it will just be used for the application features only when necessarily needed, when you have decided afterwards you don't want a certain feature to be used you can turn the feature completely off in the application settings and it will remove all the related stored information from your device's storage so there won't be any traces left of the previous feature usage.

Security of your information
Information is safely stored on your device only unless you have enabled cloud storage for certain applications, if an application saves personal login information like your password it will be stored with an encryption.

Privacy Policy Statement Information
I reserve the right to make changes to this policy, you can always access the latest version of the policy here on this dedicated page.

Policy was last updated on 20th February of 2014