Running into any problems while using one of my applications? you can find a few things below to help you out and try to make everything work.
Show TimeMe Help
Here are a few things you can try to do to get the TimeMe live tile working again:

1) Make sure that TimeMe is allowed to run in the background go to "Settings > System > Privacy > Background apps > Make sure TimeMe is On"

2) Always allow TimeMe to run in the background go to "Settings > System > Battery > Battery usage by app > TimeMe > Always allowed" or open the app and click on the "Open battery saver settings" from the "Tiles" page. If TimeMe is not always allowed the live tile will stop updating the time when your battery saver gets turned on.

3) Try to unpin the live tile and repin it again within the application.

4) Reset TimeMe to it's defaults (TimeMe > Settings > Other Settings > Reset TimeMe status) if this didn't work try to reinstall the application.

5) Soft reset your phone by holding the Volume Down and Power button for about 10 seconds untill it restarts (a soft reset is more like an extended restart and will not remove anything from your phone)

Show ZuseMe Help
Here's a couple things you can try to do if ZuseMe is not working properly:

1) Enable the "Run this program as an administrator" for ZuseMe.exe in the properties window (Found in the ZuseMe extract directory)

2) Enable the "Run this program as an administrator" for (Zune Software) Zune.exe in the properties window (Found in the Zune Software install directory)

3) Enable the "Run this program as an administrator" for ZuseMePlaying.exe in the properties window (Found in the ZuseMe Resources directory)

4) Make sure ZuseMe and ZuseMePlaying are not blocked in the windows firewall.

5) "File: ZuseMe.exe.config could not be found." Make sure you extract everything thats in the zip file, otherwise it wont run.

6) I get the error "the program can't start because mcf100u.dll is missing from your computer. Make sure that Visual C++ 2010 SP1 x86 is installed.

Show ScrobbleMe Help
Help, I'm getting a Root element is missing error, this error has most of the time something to do with no internet connection available or a server maintenance at
You can check the current server status here:

If this is not the case you can try to do following things:
- Are you 100% sure your password is containing just ABC and 123 characters?
- Is your account properly email validated?
- Do you have songs played with ASCII characters?
- Did you recently add new songs to your phone?*¹
- Are you using a VPN or Proxy on your phone?
- Have you tried turning your phone on and off?
- Did you try to reinstall the application from the store?
- Try using Wi-Fi instead of your mobile data connection.

*¹ If you did try to skip all current plays scrobble just one song to see if this works.

Still need help with something else?
When you are walking into any problems, bugs or have a great new feature in your mind you can also send me a message by clicking here so I can try to help you out and get everything working as supposed.