Donation history
Since I don't earn anything besides donations with my applications I want to thank all of the donators for supporting me so I can continue developing great free apps!

I do my best to make my applications as good as possible, I'm still learning new things every application I make and while I learn more the applications are getting better and better, there goes alot of work hours into a good working application so every donation helps me keep on going with the time I have on my hands to put in my applications.

Special thanks to the following donators:
Egbert K. (3 April 2019) Netherlands

Kees van K. (21 February 2018) Netherlands

Willem B. (19 August 2017) Netherlands
Torian D. (1 June 2017) United States
Jens S. (1 June 2017) United States
Anthony O. (20 January 2017) United States

Mario M. (26 December 2016) Croatia
Eric V. (20 December 2016) Netherlands
Christian W. (25 September 2016) Germany
Joost M. (22 August 2016) Netherlands
Nicolae C. (22 February 2016) Romania
Francesco D. (20 February 2016) Italy
Balatoni D. (13 January 2016) Hungary

Yuriy (11/December/2015) Russia
Jason M. (11/September/2015) United States
Peter H. (2/August/2015) Netherlands
Corazon L. (6/April/2015) United States
Francis Z. (20/Feb/2015) Netherlands

Sarah F. (2nd) (26/Nov/2014) United Kingdom
Emil J. (23/Oct/2014) Sweden
Jakub B. (28/Apr/2014) United Kingdom
Marc-O R. (24/Apr/2014) Canada
Larry P. (20/Apr/2014) United States
Justin H. (10/Apr/2014) United Kingdom
Ronny M. (19/Feb/2014) Switzerland
Björn N. (11/Feb/2014) Germany
Sarah F. (10/Jan/2014) United Kingdom

Giovanni M. (16/Dec/2013) Finland
Trevor K. (15/Dec/2013) United States
Ian R. (11/Nov/2013) United Kingdom
Larry P. (11/Oct/2013) United States
Kai H. (28/June/2013) Unknown Location
Gampanat H. (02/May/2013) Sweden
Jan L. (21/April/2013) Czech Republic
John H. (2/Mar/2013) United States
Jason K. (22/Feb/2013) United States

Arnoldo F. (27/Aug/2012) United States

Anthony Q. (8/Dec/2011) United Kingdom
Beau H. (27/Nov/2011) United States
Michael H. (27/Nov/2011) United Kingdom
Paul S. (27/Oct/2011) United Kingdom

Missing from the donator list?
I sometimes don't receive an email from PayPal confirming a donation so if you are not on the list let me know and i'll add you to it, if you want to be removed from the previous donator list also feel free to email me so I can remove you from the list.

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